Easily Make Restaurant Quality Pizza Dough At Home With Our Prepa Pizza Dough Kit!

  • Proper Dough Skills

    Over many years of trial and error, we have mastered multiple pizza dough recipes to match any skill level and cooking technique. Which helps to produce the best pizza.

  • High Quality Food Products

    We only source the best ingredients and use no preservatives, giving you the freshest product possible.

  • Making Pizza Is Fun!

    If you have never experienced making pizza for yourself, or friends and family you are in for a treat. You can't go wrong when the final product is Pizza!

About Us

Hi, I'm Jolene,

and my husband and I are fans of making and eating great food. Several years ago we started on this journey of making homemade pizza dough. This turned into an obsession of creating the best at home pizza. Our favorite pizza was an hour and a half away or in another state all together and after having children, driving for that long just for pizza wasn't ideal. So the quest began for the perfect pizza at home. However this is where the crazy "foodie" kicked in. We watched every video and read every recipe on the subject. My husband bought all of the equipment and ovens you can think of. I considered him an absolute nut! But, I prefer our pizza now over our previous favorite places. We've tested every recipe possible and my friends and family love it. Furthermore, I've spoken to many people, who said they tried and failed at making their own dough, but would really love to make their own pizza from home. So, Prepa Pizza was born in our efforts to help others make quality pizza at home.


What Comes In My Kit?

Your kit comes with all the ingrediants you need to make the perfect pizza dough properly portioned to match the recipe. Which consist of 00 flour, yeast, honey, olive oil, salt, and malt powder. The only thing you will need to add is water, that's it!

How Should I Store The Kit?

You can store the pizza dough kit in your pantry just like any other dry good until you're ready to use it.

Do You Provide A Recipe To Follow?

Yes we have made both written directions and tutoral video's to make your pizza dough making process as easy as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Make Dough?

If you are going to make pizza the same day you will need roughly six and one half hours. However, to maximize flavor most will opt to do our over night recipe, which will take a total of one hour on day one, and two and one half to three hours on day two. 

What Type Of Pizza Can The Dough Make?

While the dough was designed to make Neapolitan style pizza it is very versatile. So you can make Neapolitan, or a thin crust (Bari Style), Roman style, and many other variations of pizza. Our dough kit is your canvas you can strech and paint it how you like!

Does The Dough Come Already Made?

No. Pre made and frozen doough in most cases is harder to work with unless you are buying it freshly made from a pizzaria or something like that. We have however made the dough making process as simple as it can possibly be and we think you will absolutely love the pizza you create.

Does The Kit Come With Topping Inside?

Currently we do not offer toppings as part of the kit but in the future we will source and provide restaurant quality topping like cheese, sauce, fresh herbs, meats, and other iteams to make your pizza making as streamline as possible.

Can My Family Or Friends Help Make Dough?

Absolutely! We encourage you to involve your family and friends in the pizza dough making process. It is not only fun to make dough it is a very rewarding feeling to create amazing pizza. (Disclamier) - Do make sure to follow proper food safety guidelines always wash your hands before working with dough and never eat raw dough. While our ingredients are very safe by most standards it is better to be safe than sorry later. Remember consuming raw or uncooked food can be harmful to your health.