Pizzaioli Class


Whats In The Bag!

OO Piza Flour
Salt - (mixed in largest flour bag)
Malt Powder - (mixed in largest flour bag)
Olive Oil

Video #2 _ Making A Poolish

Step 1: Making The Poolish

*You will need a bowl that is large enough for your dough to grow in

In a large bowl, mix together

                  Bag marked P

                  Yeast packet

                  Honey Packet

                  1 cup water (room temp)

*To make pizza the same day you will need at least 6.5 hours from start to finish. So start in the morning.

*To make pizza the next day or up to 2 days later follow the overnight steps.

Same Day - Mix thoroughly until everything is well combined, then cover with plastic wrap and let set on the counter for at least 4 Hours

Overnight - Mix thoroughly until everything is well combined, then cover with plastic wrap and let set on the counter for at least 4 Hours

Video #3 - Mix Your Dough

Step 2: Making The Dough

Add and mix 2/3 cups of water to the Poolish

Mix until the water becomes the color of milk

Add all remaining ingredients from your dough kit:

                  Remaining large flour in the bag
(Do not add bage labeled with "S" for Semolina)

                  Salt - mixed in with flour

                  Malt Powder - mixed in with flour

                  Olive oil pack

(Do not add the bag labeled "S" for semolina this is used later when you are stretching your dough.)

Mix until you have a shaggy dough that is a little sticky but pull apart from your hands

Cover with bowl for about 15-30 minutes

Want To Use A Mixer?

We have bonus instructional on how to use a mixer with the Prepa Pizza Dough Kit. You will need to return to the instructions on this page to finish.

Using A mixer

Video #4 - Kneed And Finish Your Dough

Step 3: Knead Your Dough

You want the dough to become warm and smooth, and then shape into a large ball and cover again for 1 hour


For more details on ways to knead, watch the above video.

Video #5 - Balling Dough

Step 4: Making Your Pizza Dough Balls

After an hour on the counter, uncover and cut dough in to 4 pieces. Roughly the same size

Take each piece and shape in a dough ball as seen in the video above, the place each piece on a tray and cover. leave some space between each dough ball as they are going to approximately double in size. Let sit for about an hour.

*You can now make Pizza!! -or- Place in fridge for up to 48 hours

Video #6 - Fermentation and Blocking

Seeing The Full Fermentation Process

Now watch your dough rise and get ready to use it or block it in the fridge. For As Many As 2 Days Or You Can Freeze The Dough For Later Use.

Video #7 - Bonus Pizza Sauce Making

Bonus Video - How To Make Traditional Neapolitan Pizza Sauce

You Will Neeed
San Marzano Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Sea Salt

Video #8 - Prep Oven

How To Set Your Oven To Bake

This tutorial is for using a sheet pan in your home oven.

Video #9 Let Dough Come to Room Temp Out Of The Fridge

Take your dough out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature.

Video #10 - Let's Make A Pizza!

Step 5: Stretching The Pizza Dough

*You will need the packet marked ‘S’ for Semolina

Pour packet of Semolina out on counter

Grab one dough ball 

Dust the top of your dough ball with Semolina and then place the bottom of your 

dough ball on top of the pile of semolina on your counter - this way all sides of the        dough ball are coated with semolina

With your fingertips, start at the center of dough ball and work your way to the edges

        shaping your pizza crust; you are working the air in to the edge to form a crust

Flip over and repeat; massaging dough with fingertips, working air to the crust

Flip over for a final time and start to pat down the center

From here you can stretch your dough – Easiest way is to pick up your dough from one

edge, so that the rest hangs down (letting gravity stretch the dough for you) and     rotate the edge through your hands turning the stretched dough in a circle 

*Please look at videos if you need more details or various ways to stretch your dough. 

Place stretched dough on parchment paper and proceed with adding sauce

STEP 6: Cook you Pizza

*Check out video #10 for more details

Oven: highest temp your oven will go – monitor closely; time is going to vary for different ovens


Transfer dough with parchment paper onto your baking sheet

Layer with a thin layer of sauce

Place in oven -keep the parchment paper under the dough for now

*you are looking for a golden crust, it’s just starting to get crispy and the sauce is drying up a little 

Remove pizza from oven and remove parchment paper

Add your cheeses and remaining toppings; return to oven; watch it closely here as 

           time will vary for different ovens. 

*you are looking for the cheese to have melted and start to bubble and crust to have some browning

Remove from Oven, Let Cool, and ENJOY!


Place Pizza Stone in the oven and let it heat up with the oven

Use the parchment paper to transfer dough to the pizza stone

Follow same steps for BAKING SHEET – EXCEPT don’t remove from oven; simply add cheese and desired toppings and continue to bake.